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Qualifying Guidelines


Each year, applicants must submit required information to the scholarship office prior to the published deadline, or applications will be considered incomplete.

Academic Guidelines

These guidelines are based on historical data collected over the past three years. While not engraved in stone, most, if not all scholarship recipients fall within these academic parameters:

  HS GPA ACT PSAT Reading Class Rank
Range Min 3.284 19 41 Top 18%
Range Max 4.549 36 74  

Renewing recipients must continue to demonstrate above-average levels of academic achievement – defined by Tozer Foundation as a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.

Financial Guidelines

Type of School of Attendance EFC Number Maximum
Community College 10000
State College 16000
State University 22000
Private School 27000

These guidelines are also based on historical data. Students with EFC numbers over the allowed parameter for the type of school chosen will automatically be denied. Parents and students are allowed to submit additional information if they have significant extenuating circumstances regarding their financial situation.

Tozer Foundation does reserve the right to ongoing review of an applicant or recipient's financial qualifications, especially in light of final choice of school or change of schools, and reserves the right to adjust or eliminate Tozer Foundation funding.

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